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Protect Your Privacy
While Shopping Online

Concerned about your privacy on e-commerce sites? Use AesirX Privacy Scanner to check for free and ensure your data is protected.

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Privacy Status on the World Wide Web

How secure is your shopping site?

These numbers are collected in real time from over 10,000 privacy scans requested by the public and conducted by AesirX Privacy Scanner.

Privacy Status on the
World Wide Web

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Medium Risk


Low Risk


Benefits for shoppers

If you’re worried about your privacy when shopping online, AesirX Privacy Scanner helps you test if the eCommerce sites you use are respecting your privacy. 

Peace of Mind

Know that the sites you shop on are respecting your privacy.

Informed Decisions

Make better choices about where to shop based on privacy standards.

Data Security

Ensure that your personal and payment information is kept safe.

Benefits for shoppers
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Why Privacy Matters

Why Privacy Matters

When you shop online, your personal data - such as payment information, browsing habits, and purchase history - can be vulnerable to misuse. Ensuring that the eCommerce sites you use adhere to privacy standards is crucial for safeguarding your sensitive information.

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How it works


Submit the URL

Enter the eCommerce site URL you want to check.


Run the Scan

Our tool will perform a thorough privacy scan in real time.


View the Results

Get a detailed report on the site's privacy practices and any potential issues.

Ensuring Safe and Private Online Shopping with AesirX Privacy Scanner

In today's digital age, online shopping has become a convenient and ubiquitous part of our lives. However, with this convenience comes the growing concern about privacy and data security. At AesirX, we understand the importance of protecting your personal information while you shop online. That's why we developed the AesirX Privacy Scanner—a powerful, free tool designed to help you verify the privacy standards of any eCommerce site you visit.

Why We Built AesirX Privacy Scanner

The internet is a vast and ever-changing landscape, and with millions of eCommerce sites operating worldwide, ensuring that your personal data is secure can be daunting. Many online shoppers are unaware of the potential risks involved in sharing their information, from payment details to browsing habits and purchase histories. We created AesirX Privacy Scanner to empower users with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions about where they shop.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to make the web a safer place for everyone. By providing a free, accessible tool that scans and reports on the privacy practices of eCommerce sites, we aim to raise awareness about data protection and help users take control of their online privacy. With real-time data from over 25,000 public privacy scans, AesirX Privacy Scanner offers a clear picture of the current state of privacy on the web, highlighting sites that prioritize user security and those that fall short.

How AesirX Privacy Scanner Works

Using AesirX Privacy Scanner is easy and straightforward. Simply enter the URL of the eCommerce site you want to check, and our tool will perform a comprehensive scan to assess its privacy practices. Within moments, you'll receive a detailed report that outlines any potential privacy issues, giving you the insights you need to make safer shopping choices.

Benefits for You

By using AesirX Privacy Scanner, you gain peace of mind knowing that the sites you shop on are respecting your privacy. You can make better decisions about where to shop based on solid data and privacy standards. Additionally, ensuring that your personal and payment information is kept safe reduces the risk of data breaches and identity theft.;

A Commitment to Privacy and Security

At AesirX, we believe that privacy is a fundamental right. Our tools, including the AesirX Shield of Privacy and AesirX Privacy Advisor AI, are designed to protect user privacy, provide full control over personal data, and ensure compliance with data privacy laws. We are dedicated to helping you build trust with your audience by maintaining high standards of data protection.

Join us in our mission to enhance online privacy and make informed, secure shopping a reality for everyone. Use AesirX Privacy Scanner today and take the first step towards a safer online shopping experience or create your own Shield of Privacy today and Reclaim Your Privacy.

Protect Your Online Privacy and Shopping Experience

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AesirX Shield of Privacy

Protect user privacy, ensure full control over personal data, & comply with data privacy laws.
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AesirX Privacy Advisor AI

Get help interpreting scan results, staying compliant, & building trust with your audience.
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