AesirX First-Party Foundation: Privacy-First Digital Success

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Privacy-First Analytics and Marketing for Your Digital Success

Embark on a transformative digital experience with AesirX First-Party Foundation designed to help you store, collect, manage and analyze first-party data legally, ethically, and efficiently.

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Data privacy and compliance are not just legal obligations

They're about showing your values and respect for your customers. AesirX introduces the First-Party Foundation – a suite of open-source solutions crafted to redefine your organization’s data practices, shifting from old third-party tracking to a privacy-centric, first-party, and compliant model. This highlights our commitment to empowering your digital evolution.

The Power of AesirX First-Party Foundation

Open-source. From Free to Enterprise Tiers. Limitless Possibilities!

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AesirX Analytics

Actionable Insights, Privacy-First Analytics

Make informed decisions with cookie-free analytics.

Collect and analyze first-party data, ensuring privacy compliance.

Host your own analytics server with AesirX First-Party Server.

Ensure Legal Analytics
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AesirX Business Intelligence

Real-Time Data, Smart Decision-Making

User-friendly dashboards provide instant insights.

Personalize experiences, optimize marketing, and make informed decisions using real-time, first-party data.

Use Compliant Data
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AesirX Shield of Privacy

Identity Protection, Online Privacy Assurance

Decentralized identity management for robust data protection.

Pioneer decentralized consent and ID-verified social media posting.

Secure Your Online Presence
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AesirX First-Party Server

Secure Data Storage, User Control Assurance

Take control of your data. Ensure your data is secure and under your control.

Benefit from secure storage solutions, designed with user privacy in mind.

Enhance Data Security
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Trust, Compliance, and Efficiency

Achieve them all with AesirX First-Party Foundation

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Increased Trust

Foster trust through transparent & ethical data practices.

Give users control over their data through decentralized consent mechanisms.

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Enhanced Compliance

Achieve improved compliance with evolving data privacy regulations.

Save money & avoid fines by using AesirX’s GDPR/CCPA compliant solutions.

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Deeper Insights

Gain profound insights into user behavior with privacy in mind.

Enhance marketing & sales by utilizing 100% first-party data.


The Future of Data is First-Party

Third-party data is losing its value and violating privacy laws. Users are choosing to opt out, and browsers are blocking cookies.  

Why settle for risky third-party data when AesirX First-Party Foundation offers a better way forward? 

AesirX First-Party Foundation enables you to collect and use the data that users willingly share with you. It's more accurate and valuable, reflecting your customers' true interests.

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Personalized Experiences

Tailor your approach using your user's actual preferences. Craft personalized experiences that resonate with your audience, fostering stronger connections.

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Privacy and Compliance

Respect user privacy and follow data rules. AesirX ensures that your data practices align with privacy regulations, building trust with your users and protecting your reputation.

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Data Ownership

Keep control with Decentralized Consent and AesirX First-Party Server. Maintain ownership of your data through decentralized methods and secure storage, ensuring integrity and trust.

Get Started with AesirX First-Party Foundation

Open-source. From Free to Enterprise Tiers. Limitless Possibilities!

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AesirX Analytics

Track visitors & behaviors with our cookie-free JavaScript.

Download Plugin
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AesirX BI

Visualize data with interactive dashboards using our PWA.

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AesirX Shield of Privacy

Empower users with decentralized consent management.

Experience on the dApp
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AesirX First-Party Server

Securely store data & connect with AesirX Analytics & BI via API.

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The Competitive Landscape

Decentralized Data Model
Cookieless TrackingPossible
First-Party DataPossiblePossible
First-Party Consent
First-Party Leads (Coming Soon)
Cross-Site Marketing
Compliance (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA)SeamlessPossiblePossiblePossiblePossible
Consent Requirement (ePD 5.3)SeamlessPossible

Ensure Privacy Compliance

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Privacy Review & Implementation

Need help ensuring privacy compliance? Our experts can conduct a review and assist with implementation.
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Free Privacy Scanner

Curious about your privacy status? Try our Free Privacy Scanner to check your compliance and get a free report.