AesirX Privacy Monitoring Service

Pricing and Plans

Discover AesirX Privacy Scanner's pricing plans for regular automated scans, ensuring your digital space respects privacy laws & builds customer trust.

Annual (-20%)

Monthly Scan

Small business owners or individual website administrators.

$19/ month

1 domain

Automated Monitoring

PDF report summary


Weekly Scan

Medium-sized businesses or agencies managing multiple websites.

$49/ month

Up to 3 domains

Automated Monitoring

PDF report summary


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Daily Scan

Large corporations or digital agencies with extensive online operations.

$99/ month

Up to 10 domains

Automated Monitoring

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Real time scan access


Large enterprises with complex & numerous web assets.

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Custom domains

Automated Monitoring

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Real time scan access

Why Choose AesirX Privacy Monitoring?

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Spot Privacy Risks Instantly

Swiftly find & address non-compliance on your website, app, or ecommerce site ensuring thorough risk detection & management to safeguard your
online presence.

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Monitor Compliance Effortlessly

Track your site's privacy compliance, get real-time insights & metrics aligned with Privacy by Design ISO principles, & document your commitment to high privacy standards.

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Secure & Compliant Always

Protect your organization with robust data privacy solutions & stay aligned with evolving privacy laws, fostering trust among your users.

Stay ahead in data privacy & secure your digital environment with AesirX.

Have More Questions?

Privacy Monitoring includes automated scans with plans (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Custom) for ongoing compliance. It provides real-time updates and more features.

Privacy Monitoring Service features automated scans, detailed reports delivered to your email, real-time updates, and a user-friendly interface. It's designed for ongoing and proactive privacy compliance.

Yes, you can select plans for daily, weekly, monthly, or create a custom schedule based on your privacy monitoring needs.

Absolutely. The interface is user-friendly, ensuring ease of use for everyone, even if you're not an expert in privacy compliance.

Yes, Privacy Monitoring Service is a subscription service with various plans. You can pay with major Credit/Debit Cards, Google Pay, and cryptocurrencies including USDT, ETH, BNB, SOL, CCD, and AESIRX tokens for convenience.