Why Privacy Monitoring?

The Need for Privacy by Design

As organizations navigate complex privacy frameworks like GDPR and CCPA, adopting Privacy by Design principles becomes not just a legal requirement but a strategic imperative.

The Need for Privacy by Design

The latest ruling from the Court of Justice of the European Union outlines four key outcomes that European-based organizations must adhere to, but which should be taken as safe standards for the future, in any location.

You need to secure your organizations (personal) data.

The court can not assume you have not taken measures to implement privacy by design.

The court will assess the concrete situation and you need to prove the measures you have taken to enhance privacy and protection of personal data.

If you can not document the efforts and initiatives taken, it will be very expensive and the fines will be at maximum level.

From Risk Mitigation to Compliance Assurance

Privacy Monitoring is more than a tool; it's a commitment to ongoing compliance. By implementing this solution, businesses can shift from merely mitigating risks to actively ensuring adherence to privacy standards.

The real-time nature of the scans enables swift corrective actions, reducing the likelihood of fines and reputational damage.

Protect Your Reputation With Privacy Monitoring
From Risk Mitigation to Compliance Assurance

Data Breach Management with AesirX

In the unfortunate event of a data breach, the significance of well-documented and verifiable compliance efforts cannot be overstated. AesirX's Privacy Monitoring plays a pivotal role, not only in potentially averting breaches but also in meticulously recording continuous compliance measures.

This comprehensive documentation acts as a safeguard, underscoring your unwavering commitment to upholding Privacy by Design principles.

Ready to Implement Privacy Monitoring?
Data Breach Management with AesirX
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“Documentation of compliance efforts becomes a protective shield, reinforcing a commitment to Privacy by Design principles.“

Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen

Creator of AesirX


Effortless Compliance

Automated checks save time and reduce effort, ensuring seamless adherence to privacy standards.


Risk Mitigation

Proactively tackle risks to avoid fines and safeguard your reputation.


Building Trust

Strengthen customer confidence by prioritizing data privacy as a fundamental aspect of your business practices.


Real-Time Scans

Receive instant updates, enabling immediate adherence to regulations in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring your solution remains up-to-date with each modification.


Continuous Vigilance

Benefit from constant monitoring for persistent compliance, leaving no room for lapses in your privacy protocols.

Who is the
Privacy Scanner & Monitor for?



Proactive Compliance Maintenance

A company discovered that staff updates were jeopardizing compliance. Ongoing Privacy Monitoring from AesirX proactively tracks changes in their e-commerce solution, ensuring continuous attention to potential risks and maintaining compliance.



Testing and Documentation

An agency uses AesirX's Real-Time Scanner for pre-release testing and Privacy Monitoring to document ongoing compliance for larger clients. This strategic approach helps them ensure privacy by design and provide transparent documentation.


Data Protection Officers

Streamlined Compliance Oversight

A Data Protection Officer (DPO) uses AesirX's Privacy Monitoring to streamline compliance oversight. The real-time scans and comprehensive reports empower the DPO to efficiently monitor and document data protection measures. This ensures continuous adherence to privacy standards, minimizes risks and provides a robust foundation for regulatory compliance.



Securing their online experience

Users can scan websites and e-commerce solutions to ensure they are following privacy laws and gain insights into how respectful the brands they interact with are handling their data. It is also a useful tool when in doubt if it's a real site or not, as a free privacy scan will reveal what data is collected and where it flows.

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Adopt Privacy Monitoring

Transitioning from risk to compliance begins with embracing AesirX's Privacy Monitoring. Join the ranks of businesses, agencies and DPOs safeguarding their operations, mitigating risks, and actively championing respect for user privacy.

Start Safeguarding Privacy Now

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Document with Confidence

Create an unalterable record of your privacy measures & initiatives. Prove your adherence to privacy regulations effortlessly.


Privacy by Design

Built on the privacy-by-design principle, our tech safeguards your data & deeply embeds data protection, demonstrating your commitment to privacy standards.


Minimize Risks, Maximize Compliance

Lower your risk & impact of data breaches, align with privacy by design ISO standards, & help reduce potential fines while strengthening your compliance efforts.


Transparent Verification & Authentication

Use Concordium's blockchain for clear, reliable transaction validation. Every step is traceable & verified, building maximum trust.

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